Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Keeping Things Simple: Menus from different regions of Africa

To keep the art of mastering African Cuisine simple, the menu would be derivied regionally, in other words, I will begin by showcasing menus from all over North Africa. We would spend about two-three weeks in North Africa and then proceed to South Africa for the same duration of time, and then Central Africa, East Africa and finally West Africa.

I will try my best to demostrate things that I learn about the different countries in the region showcased, particularly highlighting what's unique about the culture as related to their menus and recipies.


  1. Make sure to post your own (modified) recipes, what worked or didn't work for you and pictures of what you cooked. Hmmm... considering that you live in happy valley where there are no African stores, will you travel to buy ingredients all the time??? Where there's a will, there's a way. Let that not discourage you. Remember that my taste buds are always ready, anytime!

  2. Yum!
    please lets have many pictures of the meals that you make.
    Food = pornography for me.
    Im sweating as im thinking about all the colours and shapes of those meals that will greet my eyes.
    Im also interested in the ways that we can improve on the health of our food, reducing oils, salts, experimenting with new/ foreign spices etc
    You go Juliet!

  3. I'm SO glad that you decided to go through with this! I support you 100%...as long as you share :)