Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cooking my way through dissertation writing by: Mastering the Art of African Cuisine

Yes, I was inspired by Julie and Julia and no, I will not be cooking any of Julia Child's delicious dishes, instead I will master the art of African Cuisine. For those of you who know me, I guess you would know that I have always said that cooking wasn't my thing or you may know how i love to order food from my favorite chinese or thai restaurant. And so you may ask, why then do you want to cook. Two simple reasons;

First, I have conquered by fear of cooking. How did I do it? Well, the last guy I dated loved to eat and so I thought cooking will keep him around. Well that didn't work, but he made me become passionate about cooking and I loved the way he would tell me that my food was simply divine. Cooking defintely put a smile on my face.

Second, I am currently working on a dissertation, and yes there are days upon days where i can't seem to write anything. I stare at my work all day long and accomplish nothing. Understanding that the joy of the lord is my strenght, I decided to cook for myself and it made my non-writing days, well simply divine as I was able to discover and learn about food from different african cultures.

Cooking has become my escape from the world of academia as it has allowed me to venture into places that I never dreamed of venturing into. I have become soaked in cultures, yearning for the day I will get the opportunity to live like Anthony Bourdain, travelling from one country to another all in the name of eating different kinds of food.

This blog is therefore my way of mastering the art of a type of cuisine that I have grown to love over my 20 something years of exisitence. I love food, all kinds of food, but most especially African foods as I am a woman with green white green (Nigerian) blood running through my veins. Now, I don't intend to showcase how only Nigerians, eat, but instead, I want to learn and demostrate how Africans eat so that I can better understand the culture. I will be done with my dissertation next year, but in the meantime, come with me as I cook my my through dissertation writing by mastering the art of African Cuisine.


  1. Sounds interesting! I would love 2 learn how 2 cook different kinds of African cuisine. Being Nigerian, I'm a little bored of Nigerian food ; ) So do ur thing & get cooking!

  2. Hey missy, i love, love and love this idea! When can i come for a taste? I'd love to! I'm getting bored with Nigerian food, so maybe this will inspire me to also explore other African cuisine. Keep on cooking your way through your dissertation writing.

    As per the last guy, some people come into our lives for a reason. So if the reason this guy came into ur life was just for this, then i think it's a good way to prepare you for the right guy, who will not only love & appreciate u for cooking delicious dishes, but for the whole beautiful package you're made of!

  3. Food and dissertation..yummy! lool.. love my cuzzy bear!

  4. Aww thank you guys for your comments, please continue to encourage me as I need it not only for this blog to succeed but also for me to finish writing this dissertation....

  5. Juliet, you are absolutely adorable!! I love that even with your crazy workload, you are finding creative ways to enjoy life and keep your sanity. Feel free to chef up some recipes (not too spicy now) whenever you come visit me. YAY!! Love you!


  6. yay! i want to learn too! i will definitely follow your blog. when did the african store on beaver close??? it's like a cupcake place or something now.